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Paul Clark Ford-Mercury


Paul Clark Ford-Mercury Address
Paul Clark Ford-Mercury
PO Box 340
Yulee, FL 32041-0340
Paul Clark Ford-Mercury Website - Phone - Fax
Phone: 9042253673
Fax: 9042253681
Website: Yes

Paul Clark Ford-Mercury Information
Dealer: New Car Dealers
Contact: Paul Clark - Owner
Employees: 44
Yearly Sales Estimate: 28468000

Paul Clark Ford-Mercury , 1.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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Unsatisfied September 6, 2011 at 11:47 am

I hate buying a car and this experience has reminded me exactly why. There is noone in charge at this dealership when you have a complaint regarding a service they promised to perform when you agree to purchase the car. It was absolutely part of my agreement with this dealership. Instead, you get people passing the blame to someone else without anyone taking personal responsibiity and a vehicle that is not repaired to Ford standards. I know this because I have had many Fords in the past as has my family. Forget about any contact with Paul Clark, he ignores any/all issues and messages leaving the so called management in charge to address the situation. Trust me, they are not apt to address the situation. It is now to the point Ford the company is being brought in.

I again state there is NO management in charge so to address the fact my car was return with an additional unexplained 100 miles on it as well as corresponding gas used and no explanation, the car is still not fixed. After three days of everyone telling me it was a 3rd party vendor’s fault that the car had not been returned, I was passed to the finance person to deal with my problem after I had been calling to find out when my car would be returned. I was told 2 days max. It is a small dealership so you can assume everyone knew what was going on as they knew when I called who I was and what the issue was. Nonetheless, I warn you to think twice about purchasing a car from this dealer, with or without additional agreements. Make the trip to Jacksonville or further if you have to and definitely do your research about that dealer and his reputation. Had I done so, I would have known that this type of treatment was well known in the community. Everyone I spoke with since said “You should have talk to me first, this is how that dealership operates.” Ford should be ashamed to have its name associated with this place.


Marty January 9, 2013 at 8:48 pm

Very poor dealer. Whatever you do don’t buy here. The owner sets the tone. No business should want a customer with a broken car less than 24hrs after buying. Especially when it had been through their inspection. What a joke. Will spread this a much as possible.


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