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Cars in some ways picked up a lot of popularity fastest in America out of all countrys in the world

In most cases, all the ideas at the start of the American part of the automotive area were created in Europe such as United Kingdom,France,Germany,Italy among other countrys where then Ford based his own car later on idea he took from Europe.

Fords in a lot of ways make cars seem cool or important since before this happened a lot of people for traveling done by horses still or by boats or planes in some cases but general transport long distance were mostly done by horses overall and for the automotive being made popular lead to the most important automotive being lorry which allows businesses or people all around the world to get products much more easy than the past.

When you consider the idea of lorries may not seem important or interesting now but before this happened most of the big packages or products we got came mostly by boats which meant people would have quite a lot of trouble moving big product from one location to another if a person lived in a rea without dock could mean in some cases getting say new fridge or freezer could not be possible to get since average person would not be able to transport big product without lots of horses or other possible moving devices to make the job take place or have to pay people to make the products for them which could put up the general costs of getting something up to extreme high prices in the sense only a small amount of people could create what you need for your house,flat or other property types overall.

Blue modern car facing you  on the road

This could also result in sometimes low quality products made by scammers or lazy  people to sell rubbish as pretend high-quality homemade products often for like with microwaves or ovens as well some of the time.

The lorrys allowed anywhere from the smallest business to biggest to be able to get products supplys fast and easy in most cases which became popular or created in America which then spread around the world which in return lead back in some cases back to the founder of the Ford cars for these sort of vehicles being made like mainstread instead of only like 1 person in whole town having one since at the time cars were things only the very rich epople could easy afford because they would cost like  1000 times the average wage of the time and you could not get credit easy in these days like you, can through online process such as like paypal or from banks all around the world resulting in only like 5% of the world popular being able to afford vehicles before Fords made cars more cheap by automatic so many of them which we can all now take advantage of it meaning lower class to upperclass person can afford normall a vehicle pretty easy plus second hand cars are great way to enter into the automotive area yourself to start with to me  many other people.


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