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Carmart Corporate Office


Carmart Corporate Office Address
Carmart Corporate Office
1027 N Harrison St
Shawnee, OK 74801 - 6418
Carmart Corporate Office Website - Phone - Fax
Phone: 4052750929
Fax: NA
Website: Yes

Carmart Corporate Office Information
Dealer: Used Car Dealers
Contact: NA - NA
Employees: 3
Yearly Sales Estimate: 1941000

Carmart Corporate Office, 1.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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Vincent Gentry February 13, 2012 at 3:25 pm

I called Car Mart in Siloam Springs, Arkansas on Feb 13 at 1:40 pm to ask about an Escalade on the lot that I wanted to get some information on. The lady that answered the phone immediately asked for my name and phone number “in case we get disconnected”. I told her we would not get disconnected…that I would like to know the mileage, year model and price of the black Escalade. I could tell she was not happy when she said “just a minute”. She put me on hold and never did come back. After being on hold for 10 minutes the phone started ringing again and I went into their automated answering machine. They said they would connect me to the operator. I let it ring for about 40 times, then I hung up. I got on the Internet and looked up Car Mart corporate office in Bentonville and got a recording saying that it was not a working number. I got back on the Internet and looked up a corporate number in Oklahoma. When I called that number, I got a recording saying that it was not a working number. My wife called the Siloam Springs lot, and was given a third corporate number. When I called that number, it was answered by a recording asking for my name and phone number. I still have not heard back from them. At this point, it is quite obvious that Car Mart does not know the first thing about “customer service”. For that reason, I would be afraid to purchase a used car from a company that obviously does not care about their customers. I just thought you might want to know what’s going on in Siloam Springs, but with this type of service, you probably don’t care.


cenaka harris April 12, 2012 at 10:57 pm

I purchased a vehicle at tulsa oklahoma carmart and i have not had my truck for all together a period of four months .it has been in there shop most of the year and five months i have had it.i refuse to take the truck because it runs worse than it was before the so call repair.i have never miss a payment and never been late.i still pay my car payment and i have not seen it in four months.i have been force to pay repair payments and it is not fixed.Bryon refuse to take my car payment if i did not pay for repairs that had not fixed the vehicle.ihave called all four months to corporate left messages and no return calls have followed. i am paying for something that i do not have.i spoke with the claremore manager he said they have the same suprvisor he would talk to him still no response.i am getting raped and no one is helping say you want to take care of your customers i cant tell.NEXT STOP LAWYER. THEN THE NEWS.I CANT LIE DOWN AND TAKE IT ANYMORE .I SCREAM HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


joy December 9, 2014 at 6:05 pm

Wow I had same issue as the person about cenka


cenaka harris/ April 12, 2012 at 11:00 pm

do you know a good lawyer?


Felicia James April 26, 2012 at 12:01 pm

On April 11, 2012, I bought a 2002 Nissan Altima from the CarMart in Lawton, Oklahoma. On April 21, 2012 the motor blew up. I called CarMart and spoke with Josh, the assistant manager and was told “The warranty was only good for 3 days”. It was bad enough the cars asking price was three times the NADA blue book value, which is illegal but what happened is against the “CONSUMER FAIR TRADE ” agreement. I’m writing this to see how many this has occurred to and if anyone wants to file a class action lawsuit against the company for everything it is putting the honest and hardworking people through?


kenneth womack July 16, 2012 at 8:26 am

i have had my car for a month and was not abel to pay the full two week pay ment i was told to bring my check stub from my job to show why and they would help me the manager at the owaso brance said there was no way in hell they were going to help me told me to git my stuff out of the car and leave it there she also said that she would ruther help a woman than a f###### man i did not leave the car there and i am fieling discrimanation charges on them


Joseph Casner September 10, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Crooked dealers. I purchased a 2000 Dodge Neon the last week of September 2011. I was a first time buyer and they took advantage of that. Two days after having the car it overheated and had to be put in the shop. Then in November 2011 the car overheated once again and was put back into the shop. In March 2012 five months later I was taking my wife (who was four months pregnant at the time) to her oppointment to get an ultra sound of the baby. The car overheated again, leaving us on the side of the road. They tow it and put it back into the shop. Five months later in the car with my 3 week old son the car overheats again and this time leaving us stranded for 2 and a half hours on the side of the road in TRIPLE DIGIT HEAT. My son was completely red from the heat and it happened on a Sunday, so Carmart was closed. The next day they tow it andJustin tells me I had two hoses that were leaking. The next day Chris Workman from Carmart called me and told me the gaskets were blown and I need a new engine and it will be $1400 dollars. I asked if they were going to cover any of that and he said no your warranty is out and it’s all on me. This is the fourth time that car has overheated and the gaskets were never checked the last 3 times. When a car overheats its going to do some damage to the gaskets and after four overheats they finally went out. So now I’m stuck with a $1400 dollar bill bringing my grand total to $11,000 for a 2000 Dodge Neon. I should have went and brought a brand new car at a different dealer for that much.


Veronica April 8, 2013 at 3:13 pm

I am beyond pissed at Carmart. This is my 4th car with them and I am fed up. Bought car in July 2012 and it has been in the shop ever since. I told them the check suspension light came on and it slammed to the ground. They agreed to fix it and took it to their mechanic. I got it back and it stayed fixed for almost a week and it happened again. They then ordered a part and sent it back to the mechanic. Again, it lasted about a week. They told me to find a mechanic to look at it and they would take care of it. I did that. Then they lied and said that they would pay $300 of the repairs. The repairs came to around $600. Then they lied and said that they wouldn’t pay the $300, that they could just tack the repair bill onto my plan. They were also told by the mechanic that this may not totally fix it because it seems to have major issues with the suspension. That fix lasted a week, exactly. Now it is back in the shop and has a bill of around $3680.00 and I can not get CarMart to answer what the hell is going on. Is this how you treat a 4 time customer???? You shouldn’t treat anyone this way. I am contacting an attorney. This is a clear violation of UDAP Law.


Veronica April 9, 2013 at 4:24 pm

so corporate gave me a call. Talked to Rodger Newton and he assured me it would be taken care of. I then get a call from the Shawnee Dealership where I bought the Lincoln Navigator. They said it would be taken care of. That was all done yesterday. I had to call them today to ask what was being done. I was then informed by the Shawnee dealership that my air suspension was out. That they are not going to pay for it but would “check” on it for me!!! Also, they quoted me a price to have the front suspension fixed. I asked “front? what about the back? Wont it need done also?” and they said “no, it wont. You can just replace the air ride system in the front with a hard suspension system and leave the back alone.” I thought that was strange since the air compressor to raise the front and the back will no longer be there, how is it suppose to raise the back??? Then I asked, “if you replace the suspension with a hard suspension, doing away with the air ride, wont the CHECK SUSPENSION light stay on?” and they said “it may but we can see if we can reprogram it”. Okay, I am now very very upset!! Why should I pay for this car to be fixed when it was sold to me broken!?!? Also, corporate told me it would be taken care of or put me in a different non broke car or give me my money back, now that aint happening!!! And you can NOT turn off the sensor light. If I try to sell this car later, I wont be able to because no one in their right mind is going to give you anything for a car that has a CHECK SUSPENSION light on. I have tried 5 times today to call corporate and I have had no luck. I added up my down payment and all the payments I have made, I have over $5,000 in it already plus almost $600 to tag it. I am pissed. I am done. I want my money back and I want it back now. I am trying to be nice and work this out without my attorney, like my attorney told me to try to do first but it doesn’t seem to be working. I have seen a ton of complaints on CARMART. They are red flagged with the BBB. I also just received a call from a mechanic and have been told that the frame is not structurally sound–something about a crack and rust. I have 4 kids.


stephen m. shehan April 13, 2013 at 9:58 am

i bought a 2005 ford tarus. i also bought the warrent package 5 month or 5500mile engine and power train policy. on the fourth month i had tran. problems. i took it in and instead of fixing it he had it serviced, not what was needed. now i still having problems with the tran. slipping and he said if i brought it in he would have someone look at it and we could tack on the price of repairs to the car, not kool. i would not recconmind car mart to any one because they did not live up to there contract . they took the fix that was tempory and did not have it fixed. last time i go to car mart.


Angry customer June 7, 2013 at 2:21 am

In December of 2012, we purchase a Mittusbushi Eclipse convertible from Carmart. We have been paying on it for now about 6 months. Over the last 2 months things starting happening to first the tires where bad on the vehicle so we had to purchase 4 new tires costing us $700. Then we find out our catelatic converter is going out and its estimated cost is $250 so saving for this repair. Now here it is spring going into summer and quess what. My convertible top has to be replaced because the back glass came out of the stiching. Upon taking it to 3 different places to see if I can just get the glass sew back in they all advised me since the glass has come out a whole new top needs to be ordered because they can’t stitch the glass back in and they all noticed where more of the stiching has come out so eventualy the whole top is going to fail. It already leaks because my window is out no way to repair it. So I know there is a warranty on the car and what they will cover and repair and in that policy it doesn’t say that they can’t fixed the convertible top. FYI the new top will cost about 800. So I immediately call the store and spoke to the manager and this is what they say. There is a list of parts that are covered and not covered and I said ok does it list convertible tops. The manger said it doesn’t say anywhere on either list weather they can cover it or not or its at our expense. So I told the manager what is was going to cost and he said well this is at your expense. SO my point is there is nothing in the policy that says will not cover convertible tops. The manager just said he wasn’t going to cover it. Basicly they are screwing me. If it is not in writing or typed form and not on any policy it should be on the dealers to replace it not me. He is just saying he will not cover it because its not on either side of his policy. We are already upside down in this loan of the car and now going to have to put another 1,000 into it. THis isn’t fair. Carmart not only did you screw us but costing us more money then the value of the car. I will never do bussiness with this company again.


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