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Endurance Auto

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Endurance Auto Address
Endurance Auto
15180 Barrens Rd N
Stewartstown, PA 17363 - 7893
Endurance Auto Website - Phone - Fax
Phone: 7179930588
Fax: 7179930959
Website: Yes

Endurance Auto Information
Dealer: Used Car Dealers
Contact: Craig Kraber - Owner
Employees: 15
Yearly Sales Estimate: 9705000

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Pookey March 2, 2014 at 3:58 pm

BEWARE OF THE OWNER! I didn’t have a chance to even drive a car! The owner (I know he is because I had stopped there once before in the past) aggressively attacked my boyfriend by calling him an “A**hole.” A car I had picked out to drive had some body issues and my friend pointed them out and it sent the owner into a tantrum/rage. My friend backed off and I don’t believe heard the guy! I stood around for about 5 minutes thinking that the owner was moving vehicles on the lot to move the one I was interested in out. After awhile I approached the owner again asking if I was allowed (allowed mind you) to drive the car and once again he said, “You need to come back without the A**shole!” At this point I’m getting pissed! I said to him, “now wait a minute how is that a fair thing to say to a customer” and the owner says, “he pointed out 10 dollars worth of missing plastic”, I’m beginning to think the guy is nuts. I brought a second set of eyes, that might see what I’ve missed and being a woman and not a mechanic I needed my friends help! So I totally lost it, he told me to get off his lot! I told him he must be rich to turn down cold hard cash and he screamed and said “I told you to get off my lot.” I left but not without letting him know that I thought he was a “psycho.” Please be aware that if you go here the owner may explode into a bullying/tyrannical rage if you see any defects in what you are considering purchasing. He really scared me!


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