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Palmen Motors


Palmen Motors Address
Palmen Motors
5431 75Th St
Kenosha, WI 53142 - 3601
Palmen Motors Website - Phone - Fax
Phone: 2626973100
Fax: 2626973120
Website: Yes

Palmen Motors Information
Dealer: New Car Dealers
Contact: Andrew Palmen - Owner
Employees: 100
Yearly Sales Estimate: 64700000

Palmen Motors, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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Justine B. August 25, 2011 at 9:30 am

I have had numerous experiences with our truck with other dealerships and this one by far has taken the gold.

We brought our vehicle in for some extended warranty work, had to order parts once it was diagnosed, waited for the parts to come which arrived early, fixed the vehicle in less time than anticipated, and now we are recieving great gas mileage. This was an issue that went misdiagnosed with two other dealerships.

Thanks Palmen for your dedication to customer service! A job well done.


Andrea B. August 25, 2011 at 9:30 am

I have had numerous experiences with our truck with other dealerships and this one by far has taken the gold.

We brought our vehicle in for some extended warranty work, had to order parts once it was diagnosed, waited for the parts to come which arrived early, fixed the vehicle in less time than anticipated, and now we are recieving great gas mileage. This was an issue that went misdiagnosed with two other dealerships.

Thanks Palmen for your dedication to customer service! A job well done.


trudi December 31, 2011 at 8:45 pm

to whom it may concern,

im writing this letter not only to inform you of how i was treated by one of Palman’s staff but also to inform Kia that because of the way my husband and i were treated at palmen it has left us with such a bad taste in our mouth about KIA in a whole.

less than a week ago my husband bought a Kia EX RIO 5 from Tina at palmens, because she was so lovely we decided to buy a sportage LX as well. i then decided to go for the EX because it had a few more things in it that i wanted.
we had compared the sportage with all other cars and i really liked the look as well as the extras, nothing beat it.

i was told that i had to wait for the EX as palmen kenosha did not have any EX models at their dealership so the had to find one. when we went to pick my husbands car on monday i was told they could not get a black on black anywhere within 300 mile from Kenosha so i said it was ok i would settle for black with gray inside, i was told they would get it in for me.

during this time i came across a dealership that had the EX for close to $3000 cheaper Friday came the car had arrived. but when i came in and spoke to the finance guy i told him about the better deal and asked for a better deal, i was told at kia that i had to go talk to Ted Hendrix, that he would help me out and match the price……

we then went to Ted Hendrix office he closed the door and said “the good news is your car is here the bad news is i wont do anything about the price” he then continued to tell myself as well as my husband that he did not care weather we got the car from him or not that basically our business was really not appreciated. i felt as if he had decided my husband and i weren’t worth his time of day.

i was told to pay an extra $500 and go to the other dealer, what i would like to know if this is common practice at palmens or is this how Kia would like their cars sold with absolute rudeness and disregard to your costumers.

after i had lost my temper with this Ted Hendrix in his office told him what i thought of him (not very nicely). i left his office with no choice but to buy the car, i felt bullied into it and out of anger i paid, signed and just wanted to get out your building.
but wait theirs still more, to rub salt your Ted Hendrix had made sure to seat himself by the exit door and mockingly waved at myself and my husband as we were walking out the door, to the Kia car i had just bought, which of course got him a few more words from me i had told him that he takes all the happiness out of buying a new car, that what should be a happy moment turned into the worst experience i have ever had, and trust me iv had many i have lived all over the world and bought many cars world wide but for only been in America for 6 months and buying a car for the first time here, your service has been worse than any other country iv been in, where cars are 3X the amount you sell yours at, even at a low exchange rate.

now Tina was lovely, Chris the gentleman that we singed the contract with was great, but what saddens me is that they felt the need to apologize for Ted Hendrix rudeness and after seen me so angry tried to make sure that i would enjoy my new car.

attached you will find the better price i found, below you will find a direct quote from your web page.
i feel that with the experience i had your advertising is false/untrue and deceiving to the public.
i am going to be seeking legal advice on this whole experience i feel somehow tricked, bullied and i just so upset about all this and i dont believe anyone should ever feel this way after buying a new car they really wanted.

i have not even had my car for a full 24hour day i received it last night at about 6:00pm and the first time i had ever seen an EX or my car was when driving it home feeling very bullied and very upset!

1)i do expect an apology From Ted Hendrix regarding his rudeness and unprofessional approach.
2)an explanation as to why i could not get a price match or even a better price, as this was not explained to me unless you call the lame excuse Ted gave us which is he did not want our business.
3) if the above is correct than why not let us go to the other dealer without a $1500 fine.
i am not asking for a refund but i do hope that who ever is reading this will make sure this will never happen again to any of your clients.
that i hope you yourself will never have to go through what my husband and i had to at Palmens motors Kenosha Wisconsin.

very disappointed,

Palmen Kia prides itself on selling new KIAs for less! Our sincere goal is to beat anybody’s best deal by up to $300 on the exact same make and model. KIA quality costs less at Palmen KIA!


Ralph Belliveau March 13, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Response from the owner
Thank you for your comments. I am sorry you were not happy with your purchase.
Feel free to contact me directly if I can be of any service to you. Ralph @ 262.697.3100. Thank you.


Eddie C January 5, 2013 at 3:23 pm

Just want to share my bad experience I had with Palmen in Kenosha. I have a life-time warranty with a 100.00 deductible on my Ram. However every
5 years, you must bring it in for a free 5 year inspection. I didn’t go to Antioch where I bought it at, to save some time since it’s a little further away. When I dropped it off at Palmen on Friday I also told them that my airbag light would go on sometimes but not all the times.
The inspection went well, no major issues showed up. So when I picked it up, instead of
a no charge, see ya in 5 years thing, they charge me 105.40. Apparently there was nothing wrong with my airbag but a fuse. Not even a blown fuse. The fuse was partially pulled and had to be pressed all the way in, 105 bucks. Well, I’m thinking they will say that they had to spend time to hook the diagnostic machine up, even though they had to do just that anyway for the free inspection.
When I picked up the truck it smelled bad like their garage and wasn’t even washed like Antioch does. 100 bucks is more important to them than customer satisfaction. It’s not even that I had to pay the money, it’s only $100. I would have thought a lot more of them and appreciated their advice if they would’ve said something like, “We found the problem with the airbag, it was just a loose fuse”. “Even though it took a little time to find it, no charge to you.”
Now, although they got 100 bucks from me, they lost my 2 car business in the future. I will always bring my cars and purchase cars from Dodge of Antioch.


Kevin July 9, 2013 at 10:49 am

I fix Palmens mistakes!

I have a customer who used to use Palmen until the told him that the engine misfire he was experiencing was due to a bad exhaust valve on the number one cylinder and it would cost him 1500 dollars to repair. I pulled the three plugs on that side to check compression levels and noticed the number three plug was black. To make it short, six spark plugs (12 bucks) fixed his problem.

My brother-n-law’s girlfriend took her neon, which she bought new from Palmen, in for brakes at Palmen. When she went to leave, the car wouldn’t start. Palmen claimed she needed a new motor, for whatever reason, and charged her for it! Her car was still under warranty and they put a junkyard motor in, identified by the paint marker writing stating that the timing belt was ok! I changed the leaking head gasket a couple of years later.

The owner of a restruant took his Viper in for a running problem and told the dealer he did not want his car to be driven. They told him it needed a new motor as chrysler does not allow dealers to make repairs to that engine, only replacement. He picked it up with 21 more miles on it than when he left it there. He even took the plate off before he left it there. He uses a dealer from rockford who flatbeds it.

I’ve never cared for car dealers service departments and Palmen is a excellent example of why.


Zach September 25, 2013 at 12:11 am

Any 5 star reviews are from friends, family or employees of this dealer. Palmen is over priced and customer service is horrible. The first car I bought from there had 3 major repairs before 40k miles and each time they attempted to charge me even though the car was supposed to be covered bumper to bumper. On the 4th major repair they began fixing the car without my permission and when I found a quote literally across the street for nearly 500$ cheaper they refused to give my car back because they had began the service and the car was no longer able to be driven. When the car was fixed I began looking for a new car. I found one, a kia that they had in stock and they not only tried charging me $3000 more then Rosen in Milwaukee but they also undervalued my trade in, which they had just serviced, by nearly a $1000. To top it off the salesman I talked to said there was no way in hell I was getting my car for that price. When I brought the paper quote in along with the other dealers trade in value they told me to buy my car from the other dealer and were extremely rude about it. Our family had bought nearly 6 cars from Palmen within the past 10 years and we all bought our new cars from Rosen in Milwaukee and were much happier with the service and how willing they were to accommodate us with everything. Don’t get sucked into Palmen just because there in your backyard. Shopping around will save you a lot of money and a headache from Palmen problems.


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