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Electric Car Drag Racing: Would You Attend?


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In March of 1996 after the EVTC and APS sponsored Saturday Night Electric Drags at Firebird International Raceway a small group of ampheads met at a local pizza eatery. They talked of forming an electric drag racing association over a few beers and pizza. In the spring of 1997 ampheads from around the country gathered in the Wilde Evolutions' offices in Jerome Arizona for two days of intense meetings to iron out the bylaws and class divisions. Present were John "Plasma Boy" Wayland from Portland Oregon who became NEDRA's first President, Roderick "Wildman" Wilde who became Vice President, Lou Tauber from Portland Oregon, who became the Secretary/Treasurer, Bill Dube, an engineer from Denver Colorado who became the National Tech Director who wrote all the safety rules, and Dean Grannes and Stephanie Matsumora from Fremont, California who took on the duties of webmaster and membership secretary.

Dennis Berube showed up to give his input on one of the days. This was the beginning of NEDRA which is still growing today and putting on EV drag racing events around the country. In 1999 Bill Dube and Roderick Wilde lobbied the NHRA to include electric cars and electric motorcycles in NHRA racing. The NHRA had a rule in their book since their formation in 1953 that you must have an internal combustion engine. The new rule allowing electrics was approved and was first published in the 1999 NHRA rulebook. In 2008 NEDRA became a chapter of the Electric Auto Association.

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