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4141 S 500 W
Murray, UT 84123 - 7708
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Phone: 8012700010
Fax: NA
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Dealer: Used Car Dealers
Contact: Asgar Pakdaman - Owner
Employees: 1
Yearly Sales Estimate: 647000

Yahoo Auto, 4.6 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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Ed March 24, 2011 at 4:05 pm

I was waiting for service in my car and I over heard a conversation about a guy who would not be buying for 2 years. Seemed like it would be a waste of some ones time but much to my surprise the sales manager went and got a salesperson to help the guy. The sales manager told the salesman the whole story and then recommend 3 cars for them to drive. The man was surprised and excited that someone was taking him serious. I think peolple are never listened to in this busy world of ours. I was impressed that no matter who you are there are still some places that will stop listen and then help you even if you are not buying for a long time. I know the service I received is always good here but it is nice to see that even when you are not spending your money with them.


scott June 15, 2014 at 7:07 am

as a car salesperson myself….there is nothing worse then a service cust who wastes your time..your ability to earn because they want to be entertained while waiting for there car. I am sure the guy never bought the car he drove…just cost the salesman money……….happens all the time. meeting ends with Thanks,,,,do you have a card? Inconsiderate people


Justin May 15, 2011 at 1:07 pm

BEWARE of Southwest Kia in Mesquite texas! We picked out a truck and the salesman accepted our offer on the phone and told us to come back and they would do the deal. We were very specific about our offer and even said “we were going to write the check for $9000 total and he said yes. We got back and he passed us off to someone else & they would not honor the price. They said they would do $9999 total and when we siad no that the $9000 offer was accepted by the salesman then tried to get another $500+. Salesman lied, very dishonest dealer. I have been in the retail business for 30+ years and if my salesperson has ever given someone a price on any product then we would honor it, no matter what, even if it was a mistake and we would lose money. I know they would have made at least $2000 on that truck. It appeared to my son and I that this was something they normally do at this dealership so I would warn people to beware of this dealership.


CAR MAD June 22, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Avoid avoid East Hills Chevrolet in Douglaston, New York. If there is a problem they will do nothing to resolve it. I sat and waited for help twice, they were rude and condascending to me. Read their Customer Service Policy at the end of their website. They must be referring to another dealership. I am still waiting for Mike Lipari the Sales Manager to call me…guess I will not hold my breath…

Too bad Saturn went out of business, they were awesome!!! Bought 2 different Saturns at 2 different dealers. Best car and amazing service! They went over all the contracts before they let you sign something.

GM is done by me!


Bergey's Chevrolet Colmar, pa February 6, 2012 at 2:04 pm

Bergey’s Chevrolet dealership in Colmar Pa is the best car buying experience I have ever encountered. The salesman, Ken Bobb, was professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly he dealt with me with no high pressure sales tactics when I purchased my car at a very fair price. Also, Ken went above and beyond any prior automobile purchase experience that I have experienced in the past.
Therefore, I will return to Bergey’s for my next auto purchase and would encourage anyone in the market for an auto purchase to please talk to the people at Bergey’s. I am sure that it wil be as pleasant experience as mine was.


Rusnak Porsche February 21, 2012 at 9:58 am

I recently purchased a Used Porsche Carrera 911S My sales consultant Ricky Williams took time to find me the car I wanted. He has followed up afterwards and has exceeded my expectations.


TJB March 25, 2012 at 11:05 pm

Purchasing a car from Galpin Honda was the easiest, painless experience I have had. Ricky Pennington was knowledgeable, patient and upfront. The finance department that is usually forever took less than 30 minutes. Maritza was thorough in explaining the options. At Galpin Honda I did not feel any pressure or the usual slimyness associated with sales people. I strongly recommend Galpin Honda, especially Ricky!


Sterling auto sales April 24, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Yes they are experianced they know what to say to you in convincing you this car is just rights. and after you leave and have a problem is yours they try to help and all it does is coast more money. Again everone says stick to the brand name stores, there is a true statement about this,they might be a bit higher in cost but in the long run you would be happier. Dont waste your hard erned money with Sterling auto sales in colorado. If you have an issue the only person is the person you bought it from, and you know what that leave. Legal action specialy when they fraud the sales paper work and will not let you return the vehicle in one day.


Dindigal February 25, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Having driven a Mercedes and a Mini (BMW) for a while, last April I was looking for a change. A close friend recommended I try an Audi. So we searched around for a CPO Audi Q5 and found one at Wynnewood Audi at 323 East Lancaster Avenue, Wynnewood, PA 19096. The vehicle looked good, the sales guy was very nice and the negotiation (with the usual back & forth with a ‘manager’) was relatively tolerable. We arrive at a price; my trade in an E500 was assessed to my satisfaction. Paper work was done quite easily. So, all in all, a fair experience in car buying. Right after driving out of the dealership with my CPO Q5, I noticed that there was a squeak in the brakes. I called the sales guy the very next day and he said that the noise was common with Audi’s and that with a CPO I did not have to worry about it. After a few weeks I called him again to say that the squeaking nose did not sound normal and he put me on to his service manager. I spoke to the service manager who said that the noise was probably due to a particle stuck in the brakes and asked me to just brake hard a couple of times and it would go away. Now having had a decent car buying experience, I recommended a friend who bought a new A4 a few months after my purchase (and of course the sales guy was very happy). I accompanied my friend to the dealership and during the visit I brought up the issue with my brakes again. This time I spoke with the service manager in person and he again reassured me that nothing was wrong. Last Saturday I took the Q5 in to the dealership for a service (that was already paid for as I had purchased Audicare). Now the service guy tells me that my rear brakes need to be replaced and that it would cost me $400. I tried to explain to him the history with the brake issue and that I’d expect Audi to take care of it. But he just refused to listen and insisted that 10 months ago the brakes would have passed Audi’s stringent CPO standards and that now after approx. 10,000 miles the brakes were shot. In addition they now say 3 of my tires need to be replaced. Audi CPO passed a vehicle with tires that would last you 10 months!! Audi CPO passed a vehicle with bad brakes!! Shame on you Wynnewood Audi!! Buyers beware and enter at your own risk!! Stay away from Audi, Audi CPO and Audicare. Once the sale is done there is no after sales service. The service department at Wynnewood Audi will look at every possible way to rob you. If I could have given them any lower a lower rating, I would have! And I will never buy or recommend an Audi again!!


Red March 20, 2013 at 4:16 pm

Beware Waikem Ford in Massillon, Ohio. Bought new truck and went back to dealer to get help with the sync phone in the truck. The salesman acted like I was killing him after the first salesman refused to help me because he didn’t sell the truck. Several months later I found out my supposed stainless steel wheels were actually steel with a plastic insert made to look like stainless, anyway with few miles on the truck the car wash damaged the junk plastic and the dealer rep told me ” buy some new wheels” What a joke, Waikem never again.


opp39 March 27, 2013 at 3:49 pm

J H Barkau & Sons

Pat has helped many times many good deals always laid back not pushy tossed the keys feel free to drive
Jim i have known to long to remember and has always been good easy to deal with

But that changed 3 or so years ago i went in with 3 grand

and was show and offers only one car asked about others no just this one

test drove acted a little off and was very stupid and trusted instead of my getting it checked(now i take cars to body shops and at least 2 shops and the car check sites two at least and my own drive 10 years disabled engine mechanic myself)

later a problem came up pat was great had the shop do it and make payments great what i had know them for

problem the car had been through the shop twice most shops always inspect the cars the good shops anyway

the front end to many problems and expensive to fix the frame and rocker panels rotted so bad they said it would crumple like a can in a accident

wow that and so much more a a supposed to be quality dealerships shop passed and ignored twice

i have noticed J H Barkau & Sons quality for low income people going down like all the others in town

like my wife has said that is so sadly become true if you have lots of money credit elderly you get the best

people like us riding the poverty line get screwed that’s sad a dealer and dealership i liked and thought i could trust

to sink this low

i tried maybe to late but its there reputation on the line especially if i had saved all the repair reports and damage to much to fix i would have loved to post those

anyway i tried to work it out i tried and never evan got a sorry or evan or evan a 2grand car less than what i bought but no it got out of hand and i went bezerk trying to cause trouble anyway i could

what would you do no apology no swap nothing well me i went off on them and dont regret it

a dealership is supposed to be honer integrity reliability and so on

only place i found that was at bocker in freeport better than J H Barkau & Sons had ever been

they put me in a great car fixed expensive problems no charge and left one minor repair thats what used is a couple problems repairs down the line most just normal maintenance not a destroyed car that your too poor to fix 20 or more problems that the shop ignored and left for you

not the worst car on the lot within 3 weeks of working with bocker i had a car with price and mileage i thought i would never own let alone curtisy working for me not having to nag or shown only what they want

bocker has offered a price on the last repair around a hundred less than all the shops bocker has the best follow up service shop sales people and much more to offer

so sad J H Barkau & Sons fading into untrusted fairway ford and the Chrysler dealership range a range most of us avoid a range that only rich or uninformed customers go

sad Jim what you have ignored and not watched sad so many like my wifes whole work and so many others im hearing refusing to go

how far you have fallen to not apologize remedy nothing just ignored must be ignoring allot of people and his service to drop so far

all i asked was a remedy apology or fixing with a different vehicle 3grand like i paid 2grand 1 grand nope ignored thanks and i hope many read this it is true no bashing or fiction ask around town its half and half and his half getting less look at the stale inventory in freeport never moving unless to ceaderville of auction wow if popular should be switched out faster like bocker

decide for yourself

i write this review of J H Barkau & Sons for the treatment quality poor followup poor shop and inspection standards
and to this day never apologizing or any contact
the car was totaled when rear ended at over 40mph thanks god it didnt crumple like said it would but the airbags and fuel cut off all failed it had major fuel leak and didnt kill engine or fuel supply


opp39 March 27, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Bocker Auto Sales Freeport IL

I went to Bocker after all ther other dealers in town were worthless

I was so surprised I got a salesman named Keven Fleischer and was pamperd off the start asked what i wanted just offered what was available no pushing prodding or other dealer tricks we just walked off when nothing was there no chasing begging or other crap dealers pull

he called me a couple weeks later said he had a once in a lifetime deal we went back and forth maybe once and he got us a car we never thought we could afford we got millage we never thought we would see on a odometer reading that low in our lifetime
and they released the inspection sheet and that showed they made some expensive repairs and went half on one repair
it was clean detailed very nice and oil etc all done and a free oil change on the next one

then we found out there was a normal repair left to be done they got me a deal cheaper than any shop in town just when i thought all dealers in our town were worthless crooks with shady shops

all my repairs and oil changes are theirs they earned my trust and years ago they fixed a car we had in a accident again service beyond reproach nice friendly and never complain about my complaints or what i wanted redone this dealer has shined and far above there is nothing in this area this good

it gives you hope that there still are goo honest reputable dealers out there


Abbas R May 27, 2013 at 2:48 pm

Brought in my mom’s Lexus ES in for service at Lexus of Smithtown. They offered me a loaner car but I didn’t take it. They were done in a fair amount of time and suggested some items to do in the future. Very honest and did not try to take advantage of me. They just stated the condition and what recommendations they had for the future. Very happy with their service department.


M Schmidt July 19, 2013 at 10:22 pm

I just bought a 2013 Honda Odyssey at Coggin Honda Orlando. I must say this is my 5th Honda and this by far was the best deal, best dealership and I will buy my next Hionda at Coggin Honda Orlando


Barbara F October 19, 2013 at 11:33 pm

I had a wonderful experience dealing with Jay in used cars at Autonation Chevrolet Greenacres . I purchased a Toyota Corolla and the cars runs good and the whole process was smooth .


Gellis October 30, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Bought 2 cars from Heritage Mazda in Towson. Ty and Rodney were great salesmen and no pressure. The Jasons and Chuck were customer oriented and Joe in finance was easy to deal with . Very good buying experience and we have already recommended them to others.
D and G Ellis


Matthew Mullen February 27, 2014 at 11:05 am

I just bought a great car from James at Automax in Ocala FL and it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t gone above and beyond as I am a first time buyer and also a student. He knew my old car wasn’t going to last too much longer and I needed a reliable car. I ended up buying a 2012 Hyundai Accent for a great price and James took the time to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. If you want a great car at a great price, go see James at AutoMax – Ocala, FL and he will do right by you.


JOAN August 8, 2014 at 3:08 pm



Ken & Sandi Kloza August 19, 2014 at 3:06 pm

Auto Max Ocala is a great place to shop and purchase a vehicle! Great selection of pre-owned cars, no pressure while looking, and great prices. James Cohen is VERY knowledgeable about their inventory, and will find the answer to any question you may have. We highly recommend shopping Auto Max Ocala for your next car! Ken & Sandi Kloza


Hilary September 4, 2014 at 6:38 pm

We have bought two vehicles from Thrifty Car Sales in Westfield MA and I couldn’t have asked for better service as soon as I walked in there was Andrew to help me. He answered all my questions and found the car I wanted and felt safe in. Truly a great experience in a relaxed environment. I didn’t feel pressured at all to buy the car if I wasn’t comfortable with the price or monthly payment. They made all the numbers work that I wanted with no haggling. GO SEE ANDREW!!!


Becky October 17, 2014 at 11:53 am

I recently purchased a vehicle from Net Direct Auto. I can not express how impressed I was with the staff and the whole encounter. From the time I walked in until I drove off with my new car was under 2 hours. there where no high pressure sales tactics, what my salesman, Greg Dalton told me on the phone was exactly the same when I arrived at the dealership. I would highly recommend Net Direct Auto sales.


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