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September 25, 2022

    Find your Dream car online
    Shows a white man looking sneaky with a black fleece on with a bald headcar salesman

    NBC Exposes Car Dealer Fuzzy Math

    Many car salesman will be nice and friendly. They do this to catch you off your guard. When this happens — when they gain your trust — they may throw fuzzy math at you. Watch in this Dateline NBC hidden camera exposé. The ex-car salesman recommends to always take your time. Especially when you enter the car financing room. […]

    Car Dealer Scams
    Flat report computer

    Consumer Reports: Extended car warranties never used by the majority of buyers

    Looking for an easy way to save hundreds on your next new car and simplify the buying process at the same time? Skip the extended warranty. The dealer will probably try hard to sell you one, telling horror stories about the thousands of dollars it can cost to replace an engine or transmission. But the […]

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