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September 25, 2022

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    The Best Sedans to Buy in 2022

    2022 is a tough year for big buys like a car, with the FED hot on spiking interest rates and long shadows of COVID. We have compiled a list of five cars that are the perfect buys for this year!

    1. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

    The “little crown”  has surely made its indelible impression on the Auto world. A class C sedan is an ideal daily drive. Low carbon emissions, superior mileage, and a nifty electric motor to kick in where the in-line lags. Moreover, Toyota features a build your own version, and you can swap the hybrid with a 169HP FWD CVT version.

    The best thing about this sedan is that it does not make a dent in your pocket when it comes to buying or maintaining it. It is a mellow car and does not come up with faults.

    1. Honda Civic

    Even though the 2022 Civic drops the flamboyant look of its predecessor, it does have an elegant, refined touch. Powered slightly more than the corolla but shares its affordability. It has crisp handling and a good amount of easy-to-use technology. However, the safety alarms can go off falsely or can be distracting to some. We like the improved cargo space but did notice an increase in cabin noise compared to the previous models.

    1. Hyundai Sonata

    Sonata is as graceful as its name. The new sonata has an eye-catching design. The headlights are bound to catch your attention. An aggressively-looking car that has an equally powerful engine under the hood. Quick throttle response and comfortable upholstery make it a must-buy!

    However, we noticed a slightly cramped headspace for the rear passenger, and some regions have complained about the low-profile tires.

    We do recommend it as it is an affordable class D car.

    4. KIA Stinger

    Stinger is a car that attempts to boldly redefine KIA itself. It’s a loud statement, and its nearly 400 HP version is there to prove it!

    Stinger is for those who like to feel the rush in a mid-sized sedan. It’s not just for zooming in on empty streets. With naught to sixty times in about six seconds, it does give you a thrill.

    However, the braking performance is not at par, and we do not recommend pushing it way more than it’s intended for. It starts from nearly thirty-seven thousand dollars, and you can build your own version.

    5. TESLA

    No list can be complete without mentioning a Tesla. Even though it’s more expensive than the aforementioned, the future is surely electric.

    It is a futuristic, fun, and trendy car. We did not mention any model in particular. However, we do recommend model 3 and model S.

    Model S does not need any introduction. It is one beast of a car with specs that leave behind some seriously powerful cars in the dust.

    Final Words

    Whatever the model is, the great thing is they are environment friendly with zero emissions and instant response. It’s a whole different feeling to have zero lag. Even with all the puzzling gadgetry, they are quite simple to drive. However, they are difficult and expensive to maintain. Some users have even complained about Tesla itself not supporting them.

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