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June 29, 2022

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    2020 McLaren GT V8 S-A 4.0

    A car that blends supercar performance with everyday usability is a whole different proposition. That’s why McLaren opted to take a risk and create a new sort of supercar with much more utility than we’ve ever seen from the business before.

    It’s named the McLaren GT, and based on the spec list, the car doesn’t deviate too much from the usual supercar formula. It has a 612 hp 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine in the centre, an attractive low-slung appearance, and a simple interior that concentrates on the driving task. Unlike almost all other mid-engine supercars of this sort, the McLaren GT tries to be more practical by including a vast storage compartment in the back that can fit sports equipment. It has more storage capacity than an Acura NSX or an Audi R8.

    Pros and Cons

    · Performance comparable to that of a supercar

    · For a supercar, there’s a lot of cargo room.

    · Cabin with plenty of space

    · Customization opportunities abound.

    · The interior design of the highest quality


    · Essential tech elements such as Apple CarPlay are missing.

    · There aren’t any significant driving aid features.

    · In some colours, it appears a bit simple.

    · The form of cargo areas is unusual.

    · It still has several supercar flaws.

    McLaren GT Exterior

    The GT’s sweeping curves & overall modern look make it unique. It Has a more sculpted appearance due to lengthened bodywork. The overhangs are fantastic while also lowering the GT’s drag coefficient & increasing its internal load capacity. The GT has adequate cooling air vents for the motor & rear brake unit over the back arch. The GT gets Headlamps with subtle McLaren marking at front. Everything on this list has ultra-rigid carbon composite monocoque casing, which improves handling while also complementing the overall design. The legendary dihedral doors move up spectacularly, and the rear has two exhaust tips arising from the diffuser. A soft-close doors vehicle lift system and rain-sensing window wipers are all available as options on the exterior.

    The GT isn’t McLaren’s most attractive car, particularly from the front end, which appears slightly generic if we talk about the look. The GT’s most fabulous viewpoint is from behind, especially it’s thin LED taillights that give it a Cylon warrior vibe. The secretive Black Ingot painted GT radiated a Batmobile feel.


    · Length 184.4 in

    · Wheelbase 105.1 in

    · Height 47.8 in

    · Max Width 80.5 in

    · Front Width 65.8 in

    · Rear Width 65.5 in

    · Curb Weight 3,384.0 lbs



    McLaren’s dihedral doors have indeed been designed as light and simple to use as possible for this automobile. You’ll observe the change if you’ve ever driven a McLaren. It requires a bit brain churning and fiddling about to locate the flaps that unlock the door, although — McLaren’s long-standing dislike of the outside doorknob is still visible.

    Then there’s the broad sill to straddle and the inboard-set seat to lever yourself into, a procedure that isn’t as unpleasant or physically demanding as you would expect in a GT car.

    You’ll see their effort to improve McLaren’s typically minimalist interior atmosphere right away. The steering wheel’s billet aluminium trim is eye-catching, as is the one-piece metallic shifter paddles directly behind it, which seems sharp & refreshing to the grip.

    The’metallized appearance of the gearbox custom buttons & windows knobs, on the other hand, is less impressive, and the car’s entire air of material opulence is uneven.

    The driver’s seat is soft & pleasant in and of itself. Still, because you’re seated a few inches higher in this McLaren than in other McLarens, your peripherals are also shifted upward somewhat and lack sufficient support. The car’s headers rail looms relatively close to your line of vision, intruding on forwarding view if you have height, and headspace is no more accommodating than the McLaren usual. Such factors contribute significantly to comfort levels on extended rides. However, the view in the other direction is pretty good. The GT fares well for a mid-engined car in terms of cargo capacity, but it lacks the accessible room provided by a good front- or rear-engined vehicle. The GT is a tight 2 seater with an open, superficial luggage section extending backward over the engine bay and a tall glass door just above, allowing longer goods like golf clubs and skis surprisingly readily to load. In addition, there’s a secondary 150-litre container in the snout, as well as limited storage areas around the cab.

    It still is a car where you’ll struggle to fit one large bag or several decent ones without placing one in the passenger’s seat, and lengthier journeys for two may necessitate packing lightweight.

    McLaren GT infotainment

    The GT’s 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system is said to be McLaren’s most advanced yet. It has a design to work as a modern smartphone, using pinch and swipe gestures to make it easier to use.

    The navigation system receives real-time traffic data, and while it is still more challenging to implement than it should be, it provides clear and straightforward directions. However, phone mirroring is not possible in any way, which is unfortunate. A four-speaker system is standard for audio enjoyment and is the thinnest ever installed in a McLaren production vehicle. The 1200W Bowers and Wilkins premium sound system boasts crisp, robust reproduction sound, but it may have sounded even better in a car with less background road noise.

    Engines & drive

    Long trips and curvy roads are no problem for the McLaren GT.


    The concept of a car that can travel across countries is probably a bit outdated these days; most would instead fly, yet grand sport-touring such as the McLaren GT must still do everything. They must be equally at ease on the highway and city streets; McLaren easily meets this need.

    The GT is exceptionally speedy in a straight line, with a 612bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 gasoline engine sprinting from 0-62miles per hour in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 203miles per hour.


    There are more thrilling mid-engined two-seaters than this, & McLaren produces several of them. If you’re looking for a big opulent coupe like the Bentley Continental, it’ll take a giant mental leap to accept McLaren’s GT as a viable option.

    It’s a very well mid-engine beast, particularly for the roads rather than the racetrack; it’s quite distinct from all of the other McLarens & indeed a better model than the old 570GT. The GT offers the benefits of sharp bends without having to leave all of your belongings behind, making a natural camp your sole option for lodging.

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