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June 29, 2022

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    The BMW 2022-2 BMW gran coupe shown in car showroom with gray material under the car

    The 2022-2 BMW gran coupe

    The 2022 2-series Gran Coupe, with its low starting price, establishes itself at the lower end of the BMW portfolio and appeals to driving fans with a playful character. The engine is turbocharged with four cylinders under the bonet, and the performance model M235i oozes out a raw 301 h.p of power. However, the riders might find the ride stiff-legged because the interiors lack space, and it might not be attractive, especially for the driver. The all-wheel drive is an optional choice, but all the models come with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The handling is nice and playful, but the 2-series gran coupe’s front-wheel-drive platform is not smooth, unlike the other larger rear-wheel-drive-based sedans.


    • Powerful twin-turbo four-pot on M235i
    • Comfortable, composed ride quality
    • Gorgeous interior design
    • Large trunk is
    • Relatively low beginning price


    • Outer style is bland and not very impressive
    • Base engine sounds
    • Uninspiring handling
    • Sub-par performance taking power into consideration

    Power and transmission.

    This section will discuss the power and transmission and the engines of the models here. Both the 2-series Gran Coupe designs are powered by a turbocharged engine with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. The 228i’s produces 228 horsepower, while the M235i’s oozes out 301 horses. The M235i has an all-wheel-drive system, and this feature is kept optional on the 228i. However, an eight-speed automatic transmission is standard on all models. The 228i feels brisk and enthusiastic across the town, and it hit 60 mph in 5.1 seconds on the test range. A test drive of the M235i, on the other hand, will erase that previous car from your memory. The M235i outperforms the entry-level model, reaching 0- 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. This speed is faster than the X2 M35i SUV, which features the same engine. A comparison testing on both reached 60 mph in a mere 4.6 seconds.

    The Fuel, Economy, and MPG

    The EPA tests the 228i xDrive Gran Coupe at 23 mpg for the city, 33 highway mpg, and 27 mpg with combined mileage, and it achieved an impressive 37 mpg on the 200-mile highway gasoline loop. The M235i model generates nearly the same fuel economy ratings as the 228i: 23 mpg in the city, 32 mpg at the test highway, and the combined results are 26 mpg combined.

    Furthermore, it achieved 37 mpg in the test course.

    The Interiors, cargo, and comfort

    The cabin design is similar to those of modern BMWs. An example would be the 3-series sedan and also the much-hyped X3 SUV. It has a straightforward driver-centric design with acoustic illumination that lights up the dashboard and the door panels. Although BMW claims that rear-seat space is almost the same as the bigger 3-series sedan, the cabin feels

    cramped. Same for both front-seat and rear-seat passengers. The small cargo area of the 2-series Gran Coupe is adequate for storing the grocery runs and even the weekend trips. The back row can be folded down to make space for bulkier cargo. With the seats set up, we could fit five suitcases down, and we could do in 14 of such bags.

    The exterior of the 2 Series Gran Coupe

    . Many people believe that the small BMW does not possess the appearance and distinct styling of its larger versions, which means that it could easily blend into a crowd if the badging and unique kidney grille were not there. The LED headlights have “halo” morning running lights and taillights, also LED. These two lights are the standard for all the two series models we are discussing. We cannot say it isn’t lovely, but it doesn’t appear that BMW put much effort into making it appealing. The Sport package called M, which comes with the M235i, makes it look more athletic. The athletic appearance of the M235i model is enhanced by including a subtle back spoiler and Shadowline trim. Its wheels are also different at 18 inches compared to the standard’s 17 inches. There are a couple of vents on the backside of both models. The M also sports rectangular exhaust dual in shape, unlike the round ones for the standards.


    length 178.5 in

    Height 55.9 in

    Wheelbase 105.1 in

    Max Width 70.9 in

    Front Width 61.5 in

    Rear Width 61.4 in

    Curb Weight 2,605.0 lbs

    Interior Colors with Materials

    The base-level 2 model, like most of its competitors, comes standard with synthetic leather, nicknamed SensaTec by the company. There are two color options: black or a mixture of oysters with black. Naturally, we can upgrade to authentic Dakota Leather for an extra $1,450, with color choices including Magma Red, Black, Mocha, and Oyster. One should make a note that the Convenience Package of ($1,650) is required before you choose the upholstery upgrade. The M235i is equipped with trimmed seats made of leather and tricolor pinstripes on the seatbelts. The Gran Coupe’s interior accents include luminous trim panels. They come in various colors, including Nizza Boston, Berlin.


    Though you have to pay some extra dough to unlock the attractive traits in the Gran Coupe, it’s nicely equipped right out of the box. These include a Multi-zone and automatic temperature control, The front seats, which will be powered ten ways, a lid of the trunk which is hands-free, a 10.25-inch measurement cluster that is digital. It also has cruise control and a remote keyless entry, along with a start in the form of push-button, which are all standard features. Both the front seats can be adjusted by power, and there is a memory system for the driver. A rearview camera, front and back parking sensors, forward crash warning, blind-spot recognition, and lane exit warning are also included in the safety package. Front seats that can be heated, the steering wheel can be heated too, a head-up display, a panoramic moonroof, remote engine start, and collision avoidance are all available. The M235i is only slightly different from the standard models in that it is privileged with Comfort Access entry without keys, and it also has multi-colored lighting, which is configurable.


    Infotainment systems of the BMWs have always been among our faves, and this time, it is no different. The 10.25-inch touchscreen is soothing to the eyes, and we love the classic rotary controller, commands by voice are also supported. Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, android audio, etc., are all standard features in the car. These are all played by a ten-speaker sound system . 2 USB ports are there, but you can also get a wireless charging pad for your smartphone.


    We end our discussion of The 2022-2 BMW gran coupe here. We hope you liked reading our article as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, write in the comments section at the end of the article.

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