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June 29, 2022

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    Charles Brady King photo in black and white with him wearing glasses and also older style of suit with white shirt on and possibly black tie in the photo and it's in around sort of shape for the image

    The Man Charles Brady King was a man of many talents. He was an engineer from America. Charles was also an entrepreneur we will remember as an automotive legend and an artist, musician, mystic, poet, and architect. He also happened to be an inventor. He was the first person in Detroit who had built and designed an automobile, which was .self-propelled. His awesome achievement occurred three months before when Henry Ford made his automobile. The Detroit Journal newspaper reported that Brady drove his self-propelled automobile in Woodward Avenue. He was the first person in Detroit to build such a car, and his great achievement came three months before Henry Ford built his automobile. He also manufactured and then sold his self-made automobile in Detroit.


    Mr. King was born on Feb 2, 1868.

    His father was an Army General. After retirement from the army, the family moved to Detroit to set up a residence there. After five years, Charles King was admitted to Cornell University To pursue his career in engineering for an M.E. degree, but he quit college after two years due to his father’s demise in 1888. After his father’s death, Charles returned to Detroit and was hired as a draftsman.

    The Russell wheel and foundation corporation put him responsible for their displays in the Columbian exposition in the city of Chicago. He was able to study the great and innovative engineering exhibits that would help him ahead in the future. Even one of his inventions, the Pneumatic hammer, was displayed at the exhibition.

    His journey in life continued. His awesome career in the automotive field started to form as he began designing and engineering his automobile.

    Achievements and inventions

    His numerous great inventions in the automotive industry have made significant contributions to the growth of Detroit and America. One should also keep in mind that during the period, Henry Ford and R.E. Olds were leading the way in terms of innovation in Detroit. Mr. King first met Olds in about 1900 when he was hired to work on the engineering staff of Olds Motor Works is located in Detroit. Mr. King was already well known and respected in society as a gifted engineer and an inventor by the time he was ready to make serious automotive history.

    The moment of glory had come. Mr. king lit the fuse that would herald a new invention that sent its ripples across the world. On 6th 1896, Mr. king drove a unique automobile manufactured at John Lauer’s shop. The automotive machine went from Jeffersons to Woodward and then went up the street with Charles Brady king, controlling the car. It had 20 miles per hour and had covered quite a long distance. Charles King himself had said that the vehicle he had invented would be there to stay. Charles king not only had a huge role in the development of this new type of transportation, but he was also the first man to drive an automobile in the streets of Detroit.

    Started his company

    In 1910 he started his company named King Motor Car co. It was situated at 1300-1324 at Jefferson avenue in Detroit in Michigan. He designed a car known as the King car, which had a lot of features that were not seen in any other automobile before. The cantilever spring was one such feature, along with the center control gear shift. It had left-hand steering, and the front lamps were on the tie rod between the fenders. The king automobile got a great response from the public. In 1912 Mr. King wished to sell off the stake he held in the company, and he would be able to secure and keep all the patents he had created in the future.

    After moving on from his car company, Brady would devote his entire time and energy to some inventive experimental work, which he enjoyed thoroughly. He sold off one of his patents to the red motor car company. The patent he sold was controlling gear shift, and it was sold off on Apr 6, 1915. Mr. King was a great entrepreneur and industrialist, but he will always be known for being the first person to drive an automobile on the roads of Detroit.

    King visited Europe in 1908 to study automotive design. When he returned to America, he opened the King Motor Car company with his knowledge in his stint in Europe. He was the first automotive engineer to design cars with a left-hand drive. The first practically working V-8 engine was also manufactured by Charles Brady King. He named this car “The eight.”It was also known and advertised as the “car with no regrets.” he had quit his own company, his name lasted for a long time, and he had sold thousands of cars under that name.

    King’s other interests.

    King had gone to the World’s Columbian Expo in Chicago in 1893 to showcase two of his new inventions. One of them was a pneumatic hammer, and the other was a brake beam for the railroad engines. The pneumatic hammer he had invented was unique in style, and it was used for riveting and caulking. It was the only tool of its type during that time, and it earned him a bronze medal and a special diploma certificate.


    Mr. King was indeed a great genius in the field of automobiles and an industrialist at that too. He was a source of inspiration for many car manufacturers. He will be remembered for his remarkable achievement, which was to drive the automobile on the roads of Detroit. He had his assistant Oliver E. Barthel with him. Charles King died at his residence in June 1957 at the ripe old age of 89. He will be a man whom the world will never forget, especially in the automobile industry.

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