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September 23, 2022

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    Ford Focus RS Mk III 2015 003.jpg -

    Ford Focus review

    Ford Focus is a great car that is a must-have for anyone’s first car. It has affordable pricing, a simple design, and a smooth engine that is easy to drive. It’s affordable, reliable, and it won’t break your bank or give you any headaches in the process. Its compact size also makes it easy to […]

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    BMW M5 with red colour and also in carpark with house to the right of the cars

    BMW Cars

    The car you can never get enough of. BMW cars are guaranteed to make you fall in love with driving again and for the first time. Whether you’re looking for performance, luxury, or style, you’ll find all of it in BMW. Choose from high performance vehicles such as the BMW M4 or the incredible X6 […]

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    Pagani_Huayra shows inside of it plus with a wooden floor under it

    The Charm that Sports Cars Possess

    There is more to physical attributes like, sleekness of the automobile, that determine its elegance. Here are several of the features that endear cars to car lovers. Sports cars have mindset in the beginning look. Sports cars talk the mindset that they possess. They are not like mere automobiles whose presence can be overlooked. They […]

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    BMW 1 Series (F40) IAA Frankfurt 2019 BMW launched the all

    One of the best Car companies

    History of BMW The founding date of the business was 1916 in march 7th when they used to make Aircraft engines which were called Bayerische Flugzeugweke AG and the organization was renamed to Bayerische Motoren Werke or simply BMW in 1922. Most people consider them the best make of cars one of the best for […]

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    2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Extended Cab 4WD, front

    Chevy Colorado 2015 Review Chevy returns to the midsize pickup truck market in the fall with the Colorado, aimed at outdoorsy types, especially Californians. GM promises a more refined, quieter smaller truck that can do many things a full-size pickup can. There will be two aluminum-block engines available in the first year, a 200-horsepower, 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and […]

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    Shows a white man looking sneaky with a black fleece on with a bald headcar salesman

    NBC Exposes Car Dealer Fuzzy Math

    Many car salesman will be nice and friendly. They do this to catch you off your guard. When this happens — when they gain your trust — they may throw fuzzy math at you. Watch in this Dateline NBC hidden camera exposé. The ex-car salesman recommends to always take your time. Especially when you enter the car financing room. […]

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    Flat report computer

    Consumer Reports: Extended car warranties never used by the majority of buyers

    Looking for an easy way to save hundreds on your next new car and simplify the buying process at the same time? Skip the extended warranty. The dealer will probably try hard to sell you one, telling horror stories about the thousands of dollars it can cost to replace an engine or transmission. But the […]

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    What is a good Credit score

    Why Your Credit Score Could Be Going Up

    A change in the way credit scores are calculated could make it easier for consumers to access credit and take out loans.

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    Koenigsegg CCR, GIMS 2019

    Q: When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

    FACT: There is no single best time to buy a car that works for every car buyer. Bottom Line: There are certain periods where you have a better chance at getting a good deal. However, there is no golden rule for every single car buyer. In addition, there are also pitfalls to buying during certain time […]

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    Shows animation style of men and women carrying calulators or credit card with ted colour on front of the photo with the other animations carrying debit or credit cards with a white background

    Estimate Your Down Payment from Your Credit Score

    This post explains how your credit score affects the pricing of your car. 1) we consider the down payment you will most likely be required to pay based on your credit score. 2) we consider the interest rate you will pay and what effect it has on your monthly payment. Get your latest credit score here. […]

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