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CANCELLED: The Five Auto Brands Lost to the Great Recession


The great recession hit the automotive industry hard -- so hard in fact -- five famous auto brands ceased to introduce any more cars. Most of these brands were axed after Rick Wagoner, then CEO of GM, was asked to step down at the behest of the Obama administration (See: Government Forces Out Wagoner at GM). For many brand-loyalists, the fall of these brands represent a sad day -- watch the videos for first hand testimony and interviews.

1. HUMMER - Perhaps the most surprising is the HUMMER. As part of the Automotive bailout, GM agreed that they would no longer produce HUMMER vehicles in order to restructure the company. Last month, GM manufactured the last HUMMER. Today, only about 1,000 HUMMERS remain on dealers lots.

2. SAAB - General Motors has apparently decided to wind down its Swedish Saab operation after failing to reach agreement to sell it to the Dutch sports-car manufacturer Spyker.

3. PONTIAC - Pontiac will be phased out in 2010. According to GM, the company faced bankruptcy if it did not cut Pontiac from the lineup.

4. SATURN - Saturn Dealers, Owners Shocked Over End of Brand. For those who expected General Motors' Saturn brand to live on with a new owner, there has been a sad twist. Saturn, once billed as a different kind of car company, appears as dead as Pontiac and Oldsmobile.

5. MERCURY - Due to Ford's popularity, many Mercury buyers are switching to Ford. Therefore, the Mercury will go the way of the Edsel. Ford says, However, most of the dealerships selling Mercurys will continue to sell Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

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Judy October 4, 2010 at 2:08 pm

While these brands were lost IN the period of the great recession, a closer look reveals that 1 was lost to the popularity of Ford (which is their parent company and produce similar cars). The other 4 were lost to Washington D.C. policy. That is the real fact here: Those in washington decided who should play in the automotive industry. In fact, it pains me to think environmentalists make gleeful chants of victory for ‘drowing’ the HUMMER in this takeover by Washington.


karl October 4, 2010 at 2:16 pm


Americans do not want to polute the environment. The government knows this and is helping out GM. They helped them with the reseach and development to produce the Chevy Volt — all experts agree this is a wonderful car. The hummer as been on a death bed for a long time. Please don’t blame the government for doing the obvious thing needed to ensure our safety from climate chagne. People are selfish and they will drive hummers because they do not take the time to research that their carbon emissions will eventaully destroy the world.


John October 4, 2010 at 2:51 pm


There is no anthropogenic global warming. It is the biggest scientific hoax ever.

The chevy volt will be an absolute failure. too small, not enough power and produces huge amounts of chemical waste every couple years when the batteries wear out. I expect a very short production run with no resale value whatsoever.

The Hummer on the other hand was a great vehicle. Big enough to transport a family (you remember familes right? A man married to a woman and the children they are producing/raising together) and to keep them all safe. I predict that the existing Hummers will be nursed along forever and in the rare occurence that one gets sold the resale value will be phenomenal.


Anonymous December 15, 2012 at 5:56 pm

You are an idiot. The Volt can transport a family!


Anonymous March 1, 2013 at 12:33 pm

I would have to two of them in the trunk.


Jason October 4, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Hysterical. “Perhaps the most surprising is the HUMMER”. Not surprising at all. An Administration filled with enviro wackos is in charge.


Aaron October 4, 2010 at 4:05 pm

It should come as no surprise. The same thing happend in the late 70’s when we started dipping towards the recession of the 80’s. Demand for big V8 gas guzzling muscle cars slowly started to die off and give way to cheaper, more fuel efficient, japanese cars. Over the past few decades American made cars have become a laughing stock when it comes to quality and gas efficiency, especially when compared to its European and Japanese counterparts. It’s as simple as people are pinching every penny they have and want the best bang for their buck. So, with gas prices the way that they are, Americans are going to go with the most economical solution. The only ones to blame are the automotive companies that refused to listen to their customers and refused to innovate like their competitors.


E-man February 19, 2011 at 10:38 am

less Americans care about CO2 than you think. What a lot of us do care about, is our freedom of choice. Those people who fall into the “Enviro Wacko” (as Jason puts it) category are running this country into the ground and trying to remove out freedom of choice in the name of mother earth.
7 years moratorium on offshore drilling, Banning drilling in the ANWAR area, preventing all the new coal fired power plants. the list goes on and on. But in the wake of all this preventive legislation. they cannot offer a REASONABLE alternative. Wind power is unreliable, solar only works well in the desert (that is, if you can build a solar plant without someone stopping you in the name of harming or displacing some dust gnat or lizard. ) and nuclear (possibly the best option) is too scary to these people!

The Nissan Leaf and the up comming Ford focus EV have a range of only 100 miles max (in optimal conditions) then take 8-12 hours to charge. which makes them unpractical for folks with extend commutes or long trips. This means that unless you live in the city and never leave, you must have a second car. so in the face of your argument.. this means you are adding to the carbon emissions by increasing the draw on the local coal fired plant and still, if even occasionally, using the gas powered car.

Now, that being said, The Hummer, while not my cup of tea ( i like large old cars) is a choice of transportation for those who can afford it. And should have been left to run its course. sink or swim. if people want it and can afford it, let them have it!!! That is what this country is about.
if you want to change the status quo than you must convince the people to change, that it is in Their best interest then let them make their own changes…the rest( if left to their own devices)will follow. If you try to force it on them, then you will have resistance and uprising. so let Hummer run.
When you can come up with a charging system that can take an electric car from dead to fully charged in 5 min or less, and give it a range of a gas powered car, people will flock to it in droves.


Vincent Trainer April 3, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Actually as far as the death of these cars, its the public/consumers who fled from them that caused GM to give up. Re global warming…The Chinese Government today released a warning to the people who live on the runoff from the Tibetian glaciers, that the glaciers are shrinking very fast, and that those countried had better start looking for other sources of drinking water. China is not know for being an “Enviro Waco” as stated above, and this is just one area, but many countries involved. One thing I have learned is that when people cannot defend their position on issues, they attack the source of the issue…i.e. global warming/climate destruction//etc.


DavidK August 24, 2011 at 9:57 pm

The practice of “badge engineering” by GM and Ford played a big part in the demise of Pontiac and Mercury. Back in the 1950s and 60s, both were highly distinctive brands, never to be confused with a Chevy or Ford! Compare, for example, a 1950 Mercury and its 2010 counterpart. The Merc slowly regressed from being a unique car with its own sheet metal and engine to being a Ford with an alternate grille and badge – why would anyone pay extra for it?


RationalLeft April 4, 2012 at 2:40 am

Fortunately the market for hummers is teeny, tiny like the brains and other organs of those who feel the need to compensate by driving a monster-mobile big enough to satisfy their over-inflated egos…Like the dinosaurs before it, the era of the gas guzzlers is over and the efficient will inherit the roads. For those darwinistic capitalists…the market has spoken…there is no longer a cost/benefit justification for hummers in the general market. Those who invest in vehicles as impractical as the vepr and hummer are just throwing money away, much like the arrogant ceo wagner who could have saved himself and GM (and the hummer) if he had just been a little more competent and forward thinking. Global Warming is not simply “warming”, but about increasingly unstable climate variations which account for the shrinking icepacks globally, rise in “average” global temps., oceans, severity and duration of storm seasons. But, I don’t expect that means anything to the increasingly irrelevant elusive righties.


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